OnlyAliCat Cosplay

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Emerald City Comic Con March 3rd - 4th 2018

Official cosplay guest. Saturday: School girl Ariel. Sunday: Leeloo.

Long Beach Comic Expo February 17th - 18th 2018

Official cosplay guest in cosplay corner. Saturday: Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Sunday: pin up Pokemon Go trainer.

Imperial Valley Comic Con January 27th 2018

Headlining cosplay guest. Cosplay contest host and judge.

Fan Expo Vancouver November 10th - 12th 2017

Official cosplay guest and panelist. Saturday: Nuka Girl. Sunday: Leeloo.

Stan Lee's LA Comic Con  October 27th - 29th

Official cosplay guest and panelist. Friday: Jasmine. Saturday: Leeloo. Sunday: School girl Ariel.

Long Beach Comic Con September 2nd - 3rd 2017

Official cosplay guest. Industry professional for panel. Saturday: School girl Ariel. Sunday: Nuka Girl.

Palm Springs Comic Con August 25th - 27th

Official cosplay guest. Friday: Elizabeth Swann. Saturday: I Dream of Jeannie Ariel. Sunday: Nuka Girl.

San Diego Comic Con July 20th - 23rd 2017

Official industry panelist for "Tapping into Creativity" panel. Guest host for Comic Vibe.

Northern Fan Con May 5th - 7th

Official cosplay guest and contest judge. Friday: Wonder Woman. Saturday: Nuka Girl. Sunday: School Girl Ariel.